1:1 Support & Group Coaching Packages

My 1:1 coaching programs are designed to help you reduce your stress or uncertainty around s*x and intimacy, improve your approach to a positive self-image, enhance your journey of self-discovery, and invigorate your dynamic with a willing and available partner.

The program includes weekly 1:1 sessions 60 minutes each, personalized embodiment plans for your specific needs, weekly handouts, priority email access to troubleshooting any issues that may arise in between coaching sessions.

$1,697 Eight Weeks | $2,545 Twelve Weeks

1:1 Coaching

Small Group Coaching

Upcoming Small Group Topics

My small group programs - limited to 4 to 6 people - are designed to help shift some of our social and communal messages arouund s*x, intimacy and our bodies - with the intersection of special topics.

Each specialized group includes content-based videos, corresponding handouts, weekly 90 minute digestion calls, & custom embodiment plans.

Join me in creating a community of joy, pleasure and delight!

$587 per 6-Week Course

Intimacy & Connection
Deepening connection and slowing down to marinate in the blissful enjoyment intimacy has to offer

Embodiment and Appreciation
Re-scripting Messages around POC bodies and identities

The Wisdom of Grace
Supporting our Sexual Health as Spiritual Individuals

Mind-Body Medicine*
A 6 week 90 minute Group focused on getting in touch with your inner wisdom & self-compassion utilizing Mind Body Medicine

* Priced separately - email me for details

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